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"Thanks for feeding me awesome food as always!!! So glad I got my Chef Driven fix today!!"

"Could you just park outside my house?"

"Thanks to you for all of your commitment to the food truck industry and your customers. We just love ya!"

"Thank you for delicious delicious food!!! You guys are awesome!!!!!"

"Freakin awesome grub!!"

"Just got the tacos from the Chef Driven truck... the Kimchi make those perfect - Thanks!"

"Thanks for delish lunch today - My Cubano was the!"

"Great seeing you today, your food is delicious!"

"Thanks for all the wonderful food for my birthday party!!"

"Best Cubano Sandwich EVER!!! thanks again!!"

"Thanks for taking care of the Toyota crew for lunch at our National Public Lands Day event at Red Rocks Park."

"Killer burrito today amigo! Keep up the good work!"

"Just had my first meal from Chef Driven today, and all I can say is, wow, that was fantastic!"

"You guys absolutely ROCK - can't wait to see you again and THANK YOU or being a part of our first annual event!!"

"Thank you soooooo much for helping out with my party. The food was AMAZING! People were texting me the next day telling me how good it was. You really made it special and that was the BEST Cubano sandwich I have ever had"

"Save some food for me... don't get off til 8p. I'll be the blonde in the blue scrubs :)"

"Loves me a Bahn Mi!"

"OMG-Chef Driven's food is so good! Cant wait!"

"That cubano was deeeeelicious!"

"Thank you for coming to Mercury today! The veggie pizza you made is amazing!!!"

"I finally made it to Chef Driven! I highly recommend the Memelas - delicious and fresh!"

"VERY impressed by the Kogi (Korean tacos) today. Didn't feel like having kimchee on it so they substituted sliced pickles which added the perfect touch of crispness to the deliciously-marinated beef. Gamsa!"

"Best Asada burrito I've ever had."

"Got to try a bite of a friend's tofu BanhMi at the Westword Music Showcase - uhhhhMAZING!"

"I have been dreaming of your Kogi tacos. You must post where you are so I can stalk you."